Cape Coral Lee County Florida Real Estate - Fast Facts

Cape Coral is the "Growth Engine of Southwest Florida". Enjoy these fast facts courtesy of the Economic Development Office:

* Cape Coral is 115 square miles making us the third largest city in all of Florida (behind 
Jacksonville and Tampa). 
* Ninth fastest growing city of more than 100,000 in the U.S. (U.S. Census 2000). 
* Most populous city between Miami and Tampa with 127,000 fulltime residents. Cape Coral is 
one-third developed and its built-out population will be more than 400,000. 
* Adding residents at the rate of about 10,000 per year. 
* More than 400 miles of canals . About 222 are salt water canals, providing access to the Gulf of 
Mexico. About 180 are fresh water canals, connecting dozens of lakes. 
* Median age is only 44 
* 55% of population is working age (18-65). 
* Assessed value of Cape Coral increased more than 50% in the three years 2000-2003. 
* Assessed value of undeveloped commercial land appreciated 20% in the same three years. 
* More than 4,000 businesses, including manufacturers who sell to customers throughout the 
City of Cape Coral 2004 Annual Report 
In 2004, Cape Coral continues to blossom as an attractive residential and business destination in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral was named the 5th fastest growing city in the United States with populations over 100,000. The Cape Coral/Ft.Myers metropolitan statistical area is ranked No.1 by the Milken Institute's index of best performing cities. More than 11,000 new residents moved to the city, and the permanent population topped 137,000. 
For the 10th time in the past 13 years, the city had a decrease in index crime. The reduction last year was 13.7 percent, giving the city its lowest crime rate since 1984. This latest crime data reinforced Cape Coral's status as one of Florida's safest cities.

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Dorothy Mangas
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