Cape Coral Florida - It's Just Paradise...........

Imagine a sub-tropical, waterfront paradise built specifically with the homeowner in mind. Complete with 400 miles of fresh and salt water canals (that's more than Venice, Italy), 1700 miles of paved roads, fine restaurants, several world-class shopping centers, and recreational opportunities galore including championship golf courses, tennis, boating SunSplash waterpark and more.

You'd be talking about Florida's CAPE CORAL located on the Southwest coast of the state between Tampa and Miami.

Home construction began in 1958, and CAPE CORAL provides a waterfront wonderland at an affordable price. Fast Facts

At present approximately 170,000 people call CAPE CORAL home and during the busy tourist season population grows by about 20,000. However you never get the feeling of the CAPE becoming a "tourist trap" because it is the seond largest city in Florida based on land area. Crime rate is the third lowest in the state, Florida's newest university recently opened(Florida Gulf Coast University) in neighboring Fort Myers and most importantly to you CAPE CORAL offers comfortable waterfront living for people in any economic bracket.

How affordable you ask...a 10,000 SF parcel of dry land is still available for less than $15,000 and fresh water lots start at about $20,000.

CAPE CORAL is famous for it's fresh and salt-water canals some of which provide access to the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico. Currently new home construction is booming in the Southwest section of the city and utility expansion in that area of the CAPE is almost completed.

Access to neighboring Fort Myers was recently made even easier with the construction of the Midpoint Memorial Bridge linking our main road Del Prado Boulevard with Colonial Boulevard. from there it's just a short drive to major roads U.S. 41 and I-75. A second span over the Caloosahatchee River the Cape Coral Bridge connects Cape Coral Parkway with the Southern section of Ft. Myers.

Also of interest to homebuyers is the Florida homestead exemption. If you plan on living in your CAPE home for six months out of the year or longer, you can apply to have $25,000 deducted from the assessed taxable value of your home. For more information call the Lee County Property Appraisers office at 239-939-6100.

More information on CAPE CORAL is available through the CAPE CORAL Chamber of Commerce at 239-549-6900 and of course I'm available to answer any questions you may have. CALL 239-848-5682 or e-mail

Dorothy Mangas
Dorothy Mangas
3321 Del Prado Blvd S. Cape Coral FL 33904