Cape Coral Lee County Florida Real Estate - Moving Companies

If you need a moving company, I've provided a list of National/Local firms for you to call. Wherever possible I've included a toll-free number

All My Sons
Local: 239-542-6100

Bekins/Metro Storage
Local: 239-332-0220

Gulf Shores/Allied
Local: 239-334-8206

J.W. Cole and Sons/Atlas Van Lines
Toll-Free: 800-694-1649
Local: 239-574-1911

Modern Movers
Toll Free: 800-226-4663
Local: 239-939-7983

Nationwide Movers
Local: 239-226-0716

Local: 239-337-5550

Peluso Movers/United Van Lines
Toll-Free: 800-741-6683
Local: 239-332-3383

Wheaton Worldwide
Toll-Free: 800-824-9116
Local: 239-574-4151

White Glove
Toll-Free: 800-340-1911

Things You Should Know About Moving

Making The Move Easy On The Kids

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Dorothy Mangas
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