Cape Coral Florida Real Estate - New Resident Information


Here are some important phone numbers/addresses for new residents of Southwest Florida. Area Code for all phone numbers is 239. See the main page for additional informational links.

Bus Transportation

Lee County Lee Tran - 239-277-5012
Minibus Service - 239-574-0573

Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral

2051 Cape Coral Pkwy..239-549-6900

Chamber of Commerce of Lee County


Crimestop Hotline



Fire, Police, Medical..9-1-1
Abuse Hotline - 1-800-962-2873

Fine Arts

Cultural Park Theater, 528 Cultural Park Blvd..239-772-5862
Cape Coral Arts Studio, 4533 Coronado Pkwy..239-574-0802
Barbara B. Mann Peforming Arts Hall, 8099 College Pkwy,Ft. Myers..239-481-4849


City Hall, 815 Nicholas Pkwy..Main Line 239-574-0401
(Citizen's Action Center, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Records, Economic Development, Public Information)
Cape Coral Job Line..239-574-0535
Public Resources(general information line for local agencies, services, officials)..239-332-2737

Health Care Facilities

Cape Coral Hospital, 636 Del Prado Blvd..239-574-2323
Gulf Coast Hospital, 13681 Doctors Way, Ft. Myers..239-768-5000
Lee Memorial Health System Health Park, 9981 Health Park Cir., Ft. Myers..239-433-7799
Lee Memorial Hospital, 2776 Cleveland Ave., Ft. Myers..239-332-1111
Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center, 2727 Winkler Ave., Ft. Myers..239-939-1147.

Lee County Property Appraiser


Lee County Public Schools

Main Number..239-334-1102

Lee County Sheriff

Non-emergency calls..239-332-3456


Cape Coral Public Library, 921 SW 39th Terr..239-542-3953

Licenses and Titles

Boat Titles/License Plates/Auto Tags
Lee County Tax Collector, 1039 SE 9th Pl..239-458-7000
Driver's Licenses
360 Santa Barbara Blvd
(New licenses must be obtained within 30 days of becoming a resident..registration and Florida tags must be obtained within 10 days)
Freshwater Fishing..239-336-6148
Saltwater Fishing...239-336-6108

New Resident Club

541-0499 or 542-3753
(Open to all new residents of one year or less)


Cape Coral Daily Breeze
2510 Del Prado Blvd.

Ft. Myers News-Press
2442 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Ft. Myers
Delivery and Customer Service..239-335-0233 or 800-468-0233

Poison Control


Police, Fire


Post Offices

1030 SE 9th Ave..239-772-5515
4722 SE 17th Ave..239-549-8909
U.S. Postal Service - 1-800-275-8777


Comcast Cable TV -
1418 SE 10th Street..239-574-2020

Lee County Electric Cooperative
(out of state inquiries..1-800-599-2356)

Embarq Telephone

Kimmins Recycling
4414 SE 16th Pl...239-437-1994
Cape Coral Waste Management 239-334-4115
Fort Myers Sanitation 239-332-6837

City Hall, 815 Nicholas Pkwy..239-574-7722
Fax 239-574-0542

Voter Registration

1039 SE 9th Pl..239-458-7020

The Cape Coral Story.. So Far..

Community Information

Lee County Schools

Cape Coral Demographics

Chambers of Commerce

Banks Local

Homeowners Insurance

Local Lodging

Dorothy Mangas
Dorothy Mangas
3321 Del Prado Blvd S. Cape Coral FL 33904